Welcome to the 36th Annual Riyaadah Conference, where our diverse communities come together to inspire spiritual unity, personal development, and social empowerment. From sports and entertainment to family wellness and business success, our aim is to motivate personal, community, and financial improvement in our daily lives.  

Join us!



Faith & Family Sessions

Featuring: Hassan & Nailah Clay, and Outstanding Muslim Parents

·  No Good Relationship without Self-Healing

·  Healthy Divorce

·  Overcoming Zina Culture

·  Understanding Muslim Courtship

·  Improving the Wakil/Wali Experience

·  Islamic vs. Legal Marriage Contract

·  Marriage Management: Balancing Self Care With Servitude

·  Parenting for Better Islamic Character

·  Homeschooling vs. Public School or Muslim School


Economic Empowerment

Featuring: Halimah DeOliveira, Rasheed Aziz, Omar Regan

·  History and Legacy

·  Supporting Each Other

·  The Muslim Creative Entrepreneur

·  How To Build a Family Business


Youth Leadership

·  Youth Sports

·  Youth Entrepreneurship

·  Manhood Training

·  Girls Empowerment

·  Overcoming Hyper-Sexualization (for puberty and up)


Local Day Of Giving hosted by Jessica Cares & Islamic Relief

·  Lunchtime Food & Back To School Drive

·  Nonprofit Symposium


Other Special Sessions & Segments:

·  Interactive Gardening: Growing Your Own Food

·  Spa Treatment Pavilion for Women

·  Mental & Spiritual Health 



Islam Inspired Entertainment Featuring

·  Comedy by Nadirah Pierre & Omar Regan

·  Short Film Screenings by Umm Zakiyyah & Bilqis Abdul Qadir

·  Concert by Khalil Ismail, Basheer Jones, Pushing the Positive, Kairi El Amin & More TBA

Fashion Designer Spotlight


Sports & Competition

·  Men’s Basketball

·  Sisters’ Athletics

·  Quran Competitions

·  Iron Man


Venue Details
Mohammed Schools of Atlanta
735 Fayetteville Road Southeast, Atlanta, Georgia 30316, United States